Dispersed Camping

Prefer to sleep in an undeveloped area?
Where allowed, just pull off the road and park in a way
that does not obstruct traffic or damage resources.
Never drive in fragile wetlands or meadows. Some areas
allow camping only in designated sites, or not at all. No
overnight camping is allowed at trailheads, picnic areas or in day-use parking areas.

Dispersed Camping Areas

  • Boulder RD (West of Boulder, CO) area description
  • Caribou Dispersed Camping Area
  • Gordon Gulch Dispersed Camping Area
  • Lefthand OHV Trailhead
  • Lost Lake Trail
  • West Magnolia
  • Winiger Ridge
  • Canyon Lakes RD (West of Fort Collins, CO) area description
  • CLRD Dispersed camping
  • Clear Creek RD (Surrounding Idaho Springs, CO) area description
  • Beartracks Lake Trail (#43)
  • Beaver Meadows Trail (#44)
  • Bill Moore Lake/Empire Loop
  • Captain Mountain Trail (#46)
  • Chicago Lakes Trail (#52)
  • Devil's Canyon
  • Fall River Reservoir
  • Kingston Peak
  • Loch Lomond
  • Saxon Mountain
  • Waldorf road- Argentine Central Railroad
  • Yankee Hill
  • Pawnee National Grassland (NE of Greeley, CO) area description
  • Crow Valley Recreation Area
  • Sulphur RD (Winter Park, Granby and Grand Lake) area description