Mountain Biking

Located amidst one of the nation's great mountain biking locales, the Scenic Area offers a number of multi-user trails that are popular with mountain bikers.  Please remember to stay on the designated trail -- off roading damages sensitive resources. Show respect for the environment and other trail users while you're out biking. 

  • Follow trail etiquette and right-of-way. Ask at a local shop which direction most trails flow.
  • Typically downhill riders yield (step aside) to uphill riders. Be polite and offer to yield to those going uphill, even if they are going up a trail that typically favors riders descending.
  • Mountain bikers should always yield (step aside) to horses, hikers, and runners.
  • On weekends, descend with enough control to allow yourself to stop in half your site distance at all times.
  • Leave no trace - pack out your trash! Don't leave or modify the trail or build any structures.
  • When the trail is extremely wet, consider an alternative activity so you avoid contributing to erosion. 

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Mountain Biking Areas

  • Burdoin/Coyote Wall/Catherine Cr Recreation Area
  • Gorge Trail #400
  • Gorge Trail #400 - Cascade Locks to Wyeth
  • Gorge Trail #400 - Eagle Creek to Cascade Locks
  • Gorge Trail #400 - Tanner Creek to Eagle Creek
  • Klickitat Trail area description
  • Larch Mountain Picnic Area area description
  • Larch Mountain Trailhead
  • Multnomah Creek Way Trail #444
  • Multnomah Spur Trail #446
  • Sandy River Delta Trail #4417 area description
  • Sandy River Delta Trailhead
  • Starvation Ridge Cut-off Trail #414B