Mountain Biking

Located amidst one of the nation's great mountain biking locales, the National Scenic Area does have a few trails open to mountain bike use.  Please remember to stay on the designated trail -- off roading damages sensitive resources. We are held to a high standard of protecting scenic, natural, cultural, and recreational resources on national lands. 

What that means for you, is that we ask that you are aware of when you are on Forest Service trails and show respect for the environment and other trail users while you're out biking. 

  • Follow trail etiquette and right-of-way.
  • Don't leave or modify the trail or build any structures.
  • Leave no trace - pack out your trash!
  • When the trail is extremely wet, consider an alternative activity so you avoid contributing to erosion. 

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Mountain Biking Areas

  • Burdoin/Coyote Wall/Catherine Cr Recreation Area
  • Gorge Trail #400
  • Gorge Trail #400 - Cacade Locks to Wyeth
  • Gorge Trail #400 - Eagle Creek to Cascade Locks
  • Gorge Trail #400 - Tanner Creek to Eagle Creek
  • Klickitat Trail area description
  • Larch Mountain Picnic Area area description
  • Larch Mountain Trailhead
  • Multnomah Creek Way Trail #444
  • Multnomah Spur Trail #446
  • Sandy River Delta Trail #4417 area description
  • Sandy River Delta Trailhead
  • Starvation Ridge Cut-off Trail #414B