Campground Camping

Starting at 0001 on Monday, September 7th, the Malheur National Forest will change the  Industrial Fire Precaution Level to a III and the Public Use Restrictions to Phase B.  Under Public Use Restriction Phase B the following conditions apply:  Campfires allowed only in developed recreation sites.  This restriction applies to building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire, campfire, charcoal briquettes or stove fire except for liquefied or bottled gas stoves and heaters. Campfires must be attended at all times and ...

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Campground Camping Areas

  • Alder Springs Camp
  • Big Creek Campground
  • Buck Spring Campground
  • Canyon Meadows Campground
  • Crescent Campground
  • Deerhorn Campground
  • Delintment Lake Campground area description
  • Dixie Campground
  • Elk Creek Campground
  • Emigrant Campground
  • Falls Campground
  • Head O' Boulder Forest Camp
  • Idlewild Campground area description
  • Joaquin Miller Horse Camp
  • Lower Camp Creek Campground
  • Magone Lake Campground area description
  • Middle Fork Campground
  • Murray Campground
  • North Fork Malheur Campground
  • Oregon Mine Campground
  • Parish Cabin Campground
  • Rock Springs Campground
  • Slide Creek Campground
  • Starr Campground
  • Strawberry Campground
  • Tip Top Campground
  • Trout Farm Campground area description
  • Wickiup Campground
  • Yellowjacket Campground