RV Camping

An RV enjoys th shade trees at Blue Lake Campground

Each year thousands of visitors bring recreational vehicles (RV's) to the forest. Most developed campgrounds on the Modoc can accommodate RV's but there are no campgrounds that have hook-ups or showers. RV campers may also take advantage of despersed camping areas but access to remote portions of the forest may be difficult for large RV's to navigate on narrow, windy forest roads. When camping with your RV please keep in mind the following:
• The only dump station on the Modoc is at Medicine Lake. All grey and black water must be hel...

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RV Camping Areas

  • Big Valley Ranger District area description
  • Ash Creek Campground
  • Lower Rush Creek Campground
  • Red Tail Rim Trail South Trailhead
  • Willow Creek Campground
  • Devil's Garden Ranger District area description
  • Big Sage Campground
  • Howard's Gulch Campground
  • Jane's Reservoir Campground
  • Reservoir F Campground
  • Doublehead Ranger District area description
  • A.H. Hogue Campground
  • Blanche Lake Campground
  • Bullseye Lake Campground
  • Headquarters Campground
  • Hemlock Campground
  • Medicine Campground
  • Payne Springs Campground
  • Schonchin Springs Campground
  • Warner Mountain Ranger District area description
  • Blue Lake Campground
  • East Creek Campground
  • Emerson Campground
  • Lassen Creek Campground
  • Mill Creek Falls Campground
  • Patterson Campground
  • Pepperdine Campground
  • Pepperdine Equestrian Campground
  • Soup Springs Campground
  • Stough Reservoir Campground