Alerts & Notices

We may occasionally close roads or parts of the Forest for the safety of people or to protect natural resources. For more details, see the Public Notices or Closures section below or call one of our offices. We also publish many of our Forest Orders and closures in the "News & Events" section on this web site.



The following is a summary of Special Orders which pertain to the Hoosier National Forest. These orders establish certain travel regulations, closures, and other restrictions on the use of the National Forest. Please direct specific questions to the District Ranger's office.

All orders are shown as pdf files. PDF files require the Acrobat Reader program. You can download the Acrobat Reader free of charge.

List of Closure Orders




Effective Date

Termination Date


Pioneer Mothers Memorial Forest (map)




Horse Camps - Forestwide




Charles C. Deam Wilderness




Hickory Ridge Fire Tower - BT (Map)




Setting forth Restrictions and Conditions of Use - Forestwide



09-12-55 Endangered Species Protection 3/7/2013 Indef
09-12-56 German Ridge Recreation Area (with Map) 3/7/2013 Indef
09-12-59 Activities restricted within Hemlock Cliffs Area (Map of Area) 4/1/2013 9/30/2018
09-12-69 Caves - Forest-wide 12/22/14 12/22/17
09-12-74 Firewood Closure Order 6/18/2015 Indef
09-12-75 General Prohibitions 8/13/2015 Indef
09-12-80 Hickory Ridge Trail Closure (map) 3/18/2016 5/2/2016
09-12-85 Hemlock Cliffs closed to camping 07/18/2016 Indef


  • Firewood Ban
  • Keep Safe: Marijuana Grow Sites



Before traveling or going outdoors to recreate, it's good to check the current weather and forecast. Local conditions can change quickly. Be well prepared so you can enjoy your trip!

Road Conditions

Know the condition and status of highways and roads en route to your destination. Good planning can save you time!

Public Notices

Rules and Regulations

The following is a partial summary of rules and regulations that apply to the most common activities on the Forest. Forest visitors may review the complete text for rules and regulations by contacting a Hoosier National Forest (NF) office or viewing on the national website.

Emerald Ash Borer


An exotic pest - the emerald ash borer - is now in the Hoosier National Forest area. Because of this pest- hardwood firewood can no longer be brought onto the Hoosier unless it is certified. Learn more...