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NorEaST - Stream Temperature Web Portal

Overview & Applicability

Stream data are needed to enable managers to understand baseline conditions, historic trends, and potential impacts of climate change on stream temperature and flow, and in turn on aquatic species in freshwater ecosystems.


NorEaST is being developed to provide a coordinated, multi-agency regional web portal to compile, store, map, and distribute continuous stream temperature locations and data across the Northeastern U.S.

Assessing Local Urban Forest Carbon Storage, Sequestration and Effects on Emissions from Building Energy Use

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David Nowak
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Northern Research Station

The i-Tree suite of models is designed to link research with local data on tree populations to assess the services and values provide by trees. The model is constantly being updated with new features and is being used globally. The model estimates numerous ecosystem services, disservices, and values, and includes estimates of tree carbon storage and annual sequestration, and their effects on building energy and consequent emissions from power plants. For more, please see the i-Tree tools page.

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United States
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Runoff Generation in Forested Watersheds - A Half-Day Shortcourse (in 9 parts)

Snowmelt feeding a stream in spring

This hydrology series addresses the basic questions of how watersheds function, where water goes when it rains, how long water resides in catchments, and the flowpaths that water takes to stream channels.

Jeff McDonnell
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Dividing the Waters - Rethinking Management in a Water-Short World

Fishing in a stream

Dr. Sandra Postel presents on the global challenge that we face in managing water and balancing the demands of humans and ecosystems.

Sandra Postel
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