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NorEaST - Stream Temperature Web Portal

Overview & Applicability

Stream data are needed to enable managers to understand baseline conditions, historic trends, and potential impacts of climate change on stream temperature and flow, and in turn on aquatic species in freshwater ecosystems.


NorEaST is being developed to provide a coordinated, multi-agency regional web portal to compile, store, map, and distribute continuous stream temperature locations and data across the Northeastern U.S.

Ohio State University - Changing Climate

A repository of climate change information for the Great Lakes region, including news, a webinar series and a number of educational resources.

Response to Climate Change in New York State (ClimAID) - Report 11-18

This report synthesizes some of the climate change risks and vulnerabilities to different sectors (water, ecosystems, coastal zones, agriculture, public health, etc.) in New York State. It is meant to provide useful information to decision-makers as they begin responding to climate change in New York State.

Cornell Climate Change

Features information on climate change in New York State and nationwide, including research, planning guides and programs, public engagement, tools, and student courses and activities at Cornell University. This includes a section on the Ecology and Management of Landscapes, which includes several links and resources for landowners in New York.

Silvicultural decisionmaking in an uncertain climate future: a workshop-based exploration of considerations, strategies, and approaches

A workshop-based approach for exploring silvicultural strategies for addressing the uncertainties surrounding climate change and forest response in the northeastern and north-central United States. Outcomes included identification of broad management strategies and approaches for creating forests that can adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

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