South Dakota

Threat assessment of non-native perennial grasses to the ecology and management of National Grasslands in the Northern Great Plains

Rocky Mountain Research Station
Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center
Research Partners: 
Pawnee National Grasslands, Thunder Basin National Grassland, Nebraska National Forests & Grasslands, Dakota Prairie, Little Missouri National Grassland, Grand River National Grassland, Cedar River National Grassland, Sheyenne National Grasslands
Principal Investigator(s): 
Jack Butler

National Grasslands are large, diverse, and mostly intact native ecosystems that provide a wide variety of outputs and resource values. Approximately 86% of the 3.8 million acres of National Grasslands are located within the Northern Great Plains States of CO, NE, WY, SD, and ND, and may represent the last, large tracts of native short- and mixed-grass prairie in the United States. However, the structural and functional integrity of native grasslands are being threatened by intensive agriculture, urban and energy development, unmanaged recreation, and climate change. This project is strategically focused on National Grasslands issues that may adversely impact the diversity, productivity, and sustainability of what may be the last, large tracts of native grasslands in the United States.

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