Energy Use and Savings

ecoSmart Landscapes

Overview & Applicability

This tool can help members of the public, cities and other organizations estimate the carbon and energy impacts of trees. EcoSmart Landscapes Public is intended for residential property owners, while ecoSmart Landscapes Enterprise is for planning and management of carbon offset projects by organizations such as utilities, campuses, and municipalities.

aerial view of selected property

The ecoSmart Landscapes tool can be used to calculate carbon dioxide sequestration and building energy savings provided by individual trees.

Forest CarbonPlus Calculator

Overview & Applicability

The Forest CarbonPlus calculator streamlines annual emissions calculations for Forest Service operations and activities at the level of National Forest or Region/Station/Area. The calculator can be helpful in determining a benchmark and measuring progress toward emissions reductions goals.

Forest CarbonPlus process diagram

The Forest CarbonPlus calculator can be used to calculate carbon emissions that are directly related to day-to-day operations of Forest Service facilities and activities of Forest Service employees.

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