Climate Change Science and Modeling


Climate Change Science and Modeling: What You Need to Know is the first education module in a series of three. It gives a brief overview of the climate system, greenhouse gases, climate models, current climate change impacts, and future projections. There is a 14-question activity at the end of the module, and users who complete the activity will receive a printable certificate with their name and the date completed. The expected time commitment for this module is about 20 minutes, plus the activity. Time spent exploring the many outward links and interactive features within the module will be at the user's discretion.

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The first education module, Climate Change Science and Modeling: What You Need to Know, is available on a hard-copy CD-ROM. To order a CD copy of the module, please email or fill out the Pacific Northwest Research Station online Publication Request Form and ask for PNW-GTR-902. Anyone is welcome to order copies.


Learning Objectives

By the end of the climate change science and modeling education module, users should know:

  • The difference between weather and climate
  • Main greenhouse gases contributing to climate change
  • How the greenhouse effect works
  • The flow of carbon through the carbon cycle
  • Examples of climate change impacts by region
  • The components of climate models and the uncertainty associated with models
  • Emissions scenarios storylines and representative concentration pathways
  • Examples of projected future climate impacts

The climate change science and modeling activity will help users identify:

  • Historic temperature changes in their region
  • Projected temperature changes by mid-century and the end of the century for their region
  • Current and projected impacts in their region
  • General differences between high and low emissions scenario projections


Information, Documentation, and Support

Climate Change Science and Modeling: What You Need to Know, Module 1:

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