Adaptation Examples

Many public and private land managers are moving forward in considering climate change in their management planning and in on-the-ground actions. These examples highlight how researchers and managers are working together to address climate change at many different scales.


Some structured approaches are being used by National Forests and others to deliberately integrate climate change into forest management. Read more on these overarching approaches below.


Project and Forest Examples

See specific examples of actions that are taking place on forests and grasslands to respond to climate change. These examples include projects at a variety of scales and stages of action.

Project and Forest Examples

Forest in Olympic National Park

Here, we elaborate a multi-agency effort to determine how to adapt management of federal lands on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington, to climate change. Efforts on the Olympic Peninsula began in...

Longleaf pine stand

This example focuses on how the Uwharrie National Forest used scientific information to incorporate climate change considerations into their Forest Plan Revision process.

northern red-legged frog

The North Cascades region of Washington is a large and ecologically diverse area that includes federal, state, private, and tribal stakeholders. This project describes a collaborative effort...

Managers discuss an adaptation demonstration project on the CNNF

Forests are a characteristic feature in many parts the country, and this is particularly true in northern Wisconsin where a mosaic of public and private forestlands define the regional landscape....

Person conducting prescribed burning in a forest

The Francis Marion National Forest (FMNF) in the low country of South Carolina is in the process of revising their Land and Resource Management Plan (commonly known as a forest plan), as all...

A paper birch stand in fall on the Superior National Forest

Along the North Shore of Lake Superior, residents and land managers have watched forests of paper birch and aspen decline over the past several years. Conifer regeneration that would be expected...

Closeup of a Hawaiian rare plant

Hawai‘i is home to many rare and endemic plant species, and is also known for its highly variable climate and topography. Climate change is causing warmer, drier conditions, particularly at high...

A diagram of a healthy meadow

In California and western Nevada, the majority of fresh water comes from the Sierra Nevada, falling as winter snow that slowly melts throughout the spring and summer, delivering enormous...

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