Climate change mitigation strategies should include tropical wetlands

TitleClimate change mitigation strategies should include tropical wetlands
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMurdiyarso D, Kauffman BJ, Verchot LV
JournalCarbon Management
Pagination491 - 499
Date Published10/2013

Tropical wetland ecosystems, especially mangroves and peatlands, are carbon-rich ecosystems that should be considered to be part of climate change mitigation strategies. Globally, tropical mangroves store 20 PgC and tropical peatlands store 89 PgC. Most of these potentials reside in southeast Asia. Emission factors and activity data are among the most important components to carry out credible assessment. In this article, we explore and discuss emission factors and activity data in light of project development and national reporting using the upcoming IPCC methodologies for wetlands. Country-specific data are needed to reduce uncertainties and hence enhance the projects competitiveness. There are opportunities to improve local livelihoods through mitigation strategies in wetlands. Potential bundling with adaptation measures is also discussed.

Short TitleCarbon Management

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