Ecosystem Carbon Storage and Fluxes

Christian Giardina

Presented by Christian Giardina

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Topics in this presentation:

  • Gross Primary Production
  • Aboveground Net Primary Production
  • Respiration
  • Senescence
  • Belowground Carbon Allocation
  • Carbon fluxes and storage are variable
  • Temperature
  • Gross Primary Production
  • Belowground and MAT
  • Scatter
  • Variables that Regulate Fluxes and Storage
  • Northern Hardwood Forests
  • Tropical Plantation
  • Subalpine Confier Forests
  • Subtropical Montane Rainforests
  • Stem Biomass
  • Stem Net Primary Production
  • Soil Carbon
  • Carbon Storage in Soils
  • Different Components
  • Species
  • Nutrient impacts on C fluxes and storage
  • Intervention Points
  • Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentrations are Increasing
  • Aspen Free Air Carbon Dioxide Exposure
  • Graph - Aspen FACE Mixed Birch-Aspen
  • Aspen FACE Mixed Birch

Christain Giardina is a Research Ecologist with the Pacific Southwest Research Station of the USDA Forest Service in Hilo, Hawaii. His research focuses on experimental and large-scale gradient studies to understand how global change will impact tropical forests and their restoration. Research has examined the impacts of increasing CO2, changes in temperature and precipitation, fragmentation and afforestation on ecosystems. He has served as co-principal investigator or project director for research supported by the US Department of Energy, the US Forest Service, and the National Science Foundation. He has authored or co-authored 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and has taught courses in ecosystem ecology, forest ecology, climate change; agroforestry, and forest management.