Forest Management Options for Carbon Sequestration: Considerations in the Eastern U.S.

Richard Birdsey

Presented by Richard Birdsey

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Topics in this presentation:

  • Forest Management Options for Sequestration
  • Learning Objectives
  • Activities in the Forest Sector
  • Estimating Land Mitigation Potential
  • Effective Mitigation
  • Activities to Increase or Maintain Area of...
  • Opportunities
  • Activities to Increase Carbon Stocks
  • C Stocks and C Uptake
  • Carbon Balance Changes
  • Spatial Scale and Disturbance Frequency
  • Increase Potential
  • Opportunities to Increase Wood Use
  • Economic/Social/Political Factors
  • Strategies for C Sequestration

Richard Birdsey is Project Leader of Research Work Unit "Climate, Fire, and Carbon Cycle Sciences" in the Northern Research Station of the U.S. Forest Service, and Manager of the Forest Service's Northern Global Change Research Program. Dr. Birdsey is a specialist in quantitative methods for large-scale forest inventories and has pioneered the development of methods to estimate national carbon budgets for forest lands from forest inventory data. He is a lead author of 2 IPCC Special Reports, a lead author of the first North American "State of the Carbon Cycle" report, and contributor to several assessments of climate change in the U.S. He served 3 years as Chair of the U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Steering Group. He has published extensively on forest management and strategies to increase carbon sequestration, and facilitated the development of decision-support tools for policy and management.