Welcome to the Carbon Short Course

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This short course is designed for land managers who want to understand how forests and grasslands store and release carbon, how management can affect carbon storage and release, and the emerging market contexts. Fifteen presentations are included here, accompanied by references and links, and a set of quizzes on the material.

This electronic format was designed to let you view each of the presentations at your convenience and on any computer. Depending on your background in the subject you may benefit from watching the presentations in order. Each speaker is an expert in the subject matter presented, and each talk was reviewed by a group of scientists and managers to help improve the clarity and content of the final recording.

We hope that this course helps you gain a good understanding of the theory and practice of forest and grassland carbon dynamics, and gives you the information and tools to think about and analyze carbon in the context of your management goals.

Please see the video above for a more complete description of this course and its intended uses.

The course is part of the content creation program of the Climate Change Resource Center, which is focused on helping managers cope with a rapidly changing climate. Please visit the Climate Change Resource Center frequently for updated resources on forest and grassland carbon and other important topics.