Forests and Carbon: Trends and data for the U.S.

Chris Woodall

Presented by Chris Woodall

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Topics in this presentation:

  • Why is Forestland Carbon So Important?
  • Flux Related to U.S. Emissions
  • Twelve Percent Offset
  • Forest Carbon Since 1700
  • How Do We Track US Forest Carbon?
  • Carbon Pools
  • National Accounting Workflow
  • Nationwide Forest Inventory
  • Carbon Density
  • Sources of Error
  • Measurements vs. Models
  • Forest Carbon Pools Across U.S.
  • Pools Over Time
  • Aboveground Live Tree biomass
  • Ownership
  • Forest Carbon Flux
  • Aboveground Carbon Flux
  • Changes in Emissions Compared to Other...
  • Uncertainties
  • Models vs. Measurements Revisited
  • Future Improvement
  • From the Nation to Your Project

Chris Woodall is a Research Forester with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service in St. Paul, MN. Christopher leads a team of scientists/analysts within the Forest Inventory and Analysis program responsible for development of the U.S.'s forest carbon stock estimates for National Greenhouse Gas Reporting.