Forest Management Options for Carbon Sequestration: Considerations in the
Western U.S.

Bernard Bormann

Presented by Bernard Bormann

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Topics in this presentation:

  • The Biscuit Fire
  • High and Low Severity Wildfire
  • Prescribed Fire Every 20 Years
  • Questions Concerning Wildfire
  • LTEP Treatments
  • Eleven Year Change in Soil
  • Evidence From Sandbox Experiments
  • Broadening the Options Portfolio for...
  • Shrubs
  • Pendleton Canyon Exclosure
  • Nitrogen Fixers
  • Mt. Hebo LTEP study
  • Let's Interpret the Evidence
  • Ranking is Difficult
  • Escape to Broader Context

Bernard Boremann is a Forest Ecologist with the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, Corvallis, OR and Professor (courtesy), in the Deptartment of Forest Ecosystems and Society, College of Forestry, Oregon State University.  His major research areas are: (a) controls on long-term ecosystem productivity (basic biogeochemistry and empirical effects of applied management) and (b) speeding learning with active adaptive management, including replicated landscape-scale management experiments on public lands and regional learning-based planning.