Climate Change Topics

Here the CCRC features brief summaries of specific topics in natural resource sciences and management related to climate change. In each Topic Page, expert authors provide a brief introduction to the topic with opportunities for exploring more detail through recommended readings, links and other resources.

Featured Topics


Disturbances & Stressors

Climate change may interact with and contribute to environmental disturbances and stressors including wildland fire; insect disturbances such as bark beetles; invasive plants; forest diseases; and air pollution.

Analysis & Assessments

Certain changes can be observed and modeled through landscape analysis - changing vegetation distribution is one example. Climate change assessments can include impact, vulnerability, and natural resource assessments.


There are many ways to respond to climate change in forest management, including using silvicultural techniques, and considering climate when managing private forestlands and wilderness.

Natural Resources

Read about how climate change affects some of natural resources that managers are charged with protecting, including amphibians, reptiles, birds, aquatic ecosystems (warmwater and coldwater), and water resources.

Ecosystem Services

Climate changes may affect important ecosystem services, including biodiversity, water resources, carbon storage, among many others.

Neighborhood Woods

Urban forests can play a significant role in reducing greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.


Unique ecosystems will be affected differently by climate change. Read about special considerations for grasslands.