Climate change, marine food webs and salmon in the northern California current

Salmon swimming underwater

Learn about climate change and the factors that affect marine food webs and the growth and survival of salmon in the northern California current.

Ed Casillas
NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Producer - Michael Furniss
Videography - Ben Nieves
Technical production - Jeffrey Guntle

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This presentation looks at the effect of physics (water circulation patterns) on biology (food webs for salmon). Factors that affect plankton, food chains, pelagic fish and salmon include: large scale circulation patterns and kinds of water that feed the California current, seasonal reversal of coastal currents - southward in summer and northward in winter, coastal upwelling, and phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (negative or positive).

You should gain an understanding of:: 

The critical physical and biological processes that link climate forces to salmon survival.

How we may assess the impact to salmon of impending climate change.

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