Climate Change Impacts on Olympic Peninsula Salmon

The goals of the Climate Change Impacts on Olympic Peninsula Salmon workshop were to provide basic scientific information and a vulnerability assessment for aquatic habitats and salmonids on the Olympic Peninsula for a regional natural resource manager audience. Many top regional experts in the fields of fisheries and aquatic science gave presentations at this workshop. These presentations form a cohesive collection with information on the potential effects of climate change on fish and aquatic habitats, along with potential adaptation actions that can be taken in response to climate change.

Recording Date(s):: 
Olympic National Forest Headquarters, Olympia WA
Collection Sponsor(s): 
The University of Washington Climate Impacts Group
Olympic National Forest
U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station
Olympic National Park


swimming bull trout
Presenter: Dan Isaak

Climate impacts on streams in interior locations in the western U.S. may differ significantly from those in coastal locations - learn what this may mean for the future of bull trout.

Coastal islands
Presenter: John McMillan

The summer drought of 2002 in the Olympic Peninsula, caused stream drying - how did this affect fish species?

Salmon swimming underwater
Presenter: Ed Casillas

Learn about climate change and the factors that affect marine food webs and the growth and survival of salmon in the northern California current.

Salmon stream
Presenter: Gordie Reeves

Learn about the potential impacts of climate change on freshwater anadromous salmonids over their entire life cycle.

Elwha river after dam removal
Presenter: Brian Winter

Revegetation strategies and the restoration plan for anadromous fish in the Olympic Peninsula, including the status of the Elwha Dam removal project.

Watershed recovery project in Washington
Presenter: Krista Bartz

Linking land-use scenarios to salmon viability measures with models and empirical data from Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula.

A streambank in Washington State
Presenter: Sam Brenkman

Learn about the water and fishery resources on the Olympic Peninsula, projected climate impacts on these resources, and existing management opportunities.

Olympic placeholder
Presenter: Jeremy Littell

The impacts of climate change and variability on forest ecosystems of the Olympic Peninsula, particularly water balance deficit.

River on the Olympic Peninsula
Presenter: Nate Mantua

Get the latest research results on future climate and how it is expected to affect water and fish on the Olympic Peninsula. Includes projections on sea level rise.

map of coastal upwelling
Presenter: Nate Mantua

Learn about potential changes in winds, ocean temperature and upwelling due to climate change, and the impacts on west coast marine ecosystems.

Waterway on the Olympic Peninsula
Presenter: James Winton

See examples of the role of the environment on infectious disease in fish and why some aquatic animal diseases and pathogens are emerging. Includes the story of the Klamath River fish kills.

pondering a climate change problem
Presenter: Amy Snover

Hints for identifying climate change vulnerabilities and using adaptation planning to become more climate resilient.

burned mountain slopes
Presenter: Peter Bisson

Learn about the threat of increased wildfires and invasive plants due to climate change and their impacts on fish in the Pacific Northwest.

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