Developing a Climate for Change

Developing a Climate for Change was created to explore basic climate change terminology, key issues, projected pacific northwest impacts, and other related topics.

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US Forest Service Region 6
University of Washington Climate Impacts Group
US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station


forest managers discuss options
Presenter: Jill Baron

A presentation on a philosophical approach to managing lands under climate change, and an overview of the report Preliminary review of adaptation options for climate-sensitive ecosystems and resources.

Forested  Path
Presenter: Dave Spittlehouse

Treating adaptation as a 4-step process: define the issue, do a vulnerability assessment, come up with adaptation strategies and implement the strategy.

Northwestern mountains with snow
Presenter: Philip Mote

Philip Mote, a reviewer for IPCC reports, presents evidence of emerging human influence on climate and observed Pacific Northwest temperature change and corresponding hydrologic shifts in the 20th century.

Presenter: Jeremy Littell

What is really going on in Pacific Northwest forests? Learn about climate impacts on tree species and vegetation distribution, tree growth, forest carbon, fire and insect disturbances, and infrastructure.

lake, forest and mountains in Washington State
Presenter: Craig Partridge

Hear about climate change issues that are central to forestry in Washington, including Washington forests' vulnerability to climate change, and its ability to maintain forests as a carbon sink.

Ponderosa pine forest in Oregon
Presenter: Mike Cloughesy

How is forestry in Oregon State incorporating climate change and carbon stewardship in their management approaches?

Columbia River view from above
Presenter: Alan F. Hamlet

Water is key to life, especially in the Pacific Northwest and Columbia River Basin area, and climate change will have hydrological impacts that require diverse adaptation approaches.

Ferns on a forest floor
Presenter: Jeremy Littell

A broad overview of emerging forest management issues related to expected climate changes for the Pacific Northwest.

larch branch changing color
Presenter: Lara Whitely Binder

What is adaptive planning and what are guiding principles for adaptation and planning under uncertainty?

Presenter: Gordon Reeves

Overview on the impacts of climate change on anadromous salmonids and bull trout. Ocean acidification will have a profound effect on fish.

Measuring tree dbh
Presenter: Cal Joyner

An introduction to a video collection from a Deputy Regional Forester.

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