Western Watersheds and Climate Change - Water and Aquatic System Tools Workshop

Climate change presents several challenges to managing aquatic systems in the western U.S. These presentations selected from the Water and Aquatic System Tools Workshop address these challenges and how to plan for them.

Recording Date(s):: 
11/17/2009 - 11/19/2009
Boulder, CO


Discussing management options
Presenter: Linda Joyce

See what managers can do in the face of climate change from the Climate Toolkit Project.

Stream in a valley
Presenter: Dan Isaak

Building a stream temperature database to use in aquatic climate change vulnerability assessments.

A stream with low flow
Presenter: Dan Isaak

Temperature is one of the most important conditions for aquatic biota - climate change is imperiling aquatic ecosystems.

A forester takes a tree core
Presenter: Jeff Lukas

Climate history reveals itself in tree-rings and the latest reconstructions can inform us of past dry and wet seasons, and help us to plan for future water patterns.

closeup of wetland plants
Presenter: Michael Furniss

Michael Furniss looks at watershed vulnerability and shows how climate change vulnerability analysis can be similar to culvert analysis.

Cutthroat trout pulled from a stream after a fire
Presenter: Bruce Rieman

Wildfires have immediate and short term effects on fish, but there are also long-term effects that persist after the initial disturbance.

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