Video Collections: Adaptation

Managers do a climate adaptation excercise
Presenter: Scott Fitzwilliams

If you are unsure about where to begin integrating climate change into natural resource planning, you are not alone. This presentation offers some useful suggestions.

Cloud-covered mountains in the Pacific Northwest
Presenter: Dave Peterson

The Olympic and Tahoe National Forests used climate change focus groups to assess climate change vulnerabilities and identify adaptation options.

Forested  Path
Presenter: Dave Spittlehouse

Treating adaptation as a 4-step process: define the issue, do a vulnerability assessment, come up with adaptation strategies and implement the strategy.

Discussing management options
Presenter: Jill Baron

Adapting to climate change by promoting science-management collaboration among agencies - an example from northern Colorado.

Stream through the mountains
Presenter: Michael Furniss

The CCRC was developed as a resource for land managers. Hear about the history and contents of the CCRC from one of the the originators, Michael Furniss.

Presenter: Jerry VanCleve

In this video slideshow, see how managers on the Chequamegon-Nicolet approached climate change adaptation and options for enhancing forest reslience in two aspen stands.

Presenter: Levi Brekke

Describes a range of options for addressing climate change in the NEPA process.

Discussing management options
Presenter: Linda Joyce

See what managers can do in the face of climate change from the Climate Toolkit Project.

Cabin in the woods
Presenter: Susanne Moser

Climate change adaptation will involve human interactions with the forest as well as ecological considerations.

High elevation lakes
Presenter: Becky Kerns

Discover the history of the Westwide Climate Initiative and the toolkit project and their roles in developing science-based adaptation strategies.

high elevation lakes
Presenter: Jessica Halofsky

A quick overview of science-based adaptation tools, as developed by the Westwide Climate Initiative.

Field, barn and house
Presenter: Jeremy Littell

How can land managers work with scientists and stakeholders on climate change adaptation?

Map of climate projections from TACCIMO
Presenter: Steve McNulty

Using the web based tool TACCIMO (Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options) to connect planning and science through a report generation service.

forest affected by fire disturbance
Presenter: Connie Millar

The 5 Rs for adapting to climate change and managing the ecosystems of the future: resistance, resilience, response, realignment and reduce.

A group discussing mangement options
Presenter: Jim Morrison

What's a resource manager to do about climate change? One general approach is to address uncertainty with scenarios, vulnerability and risk assessment, robust decisions, and monitoring.

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