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Video Collections: Climatology

Presenter : Philip Mote

In the Northwest, temperature increases, decreases in snowfall events and declining April snowpack are examples of recent trends. Philip Mote discusses the climate system and patterns of variability.

Presenter : Philip Mote

Philip Mote, a reviewer for IPCC reports, presents evidence of emerging human influence on climate and observed Pacific Northwest temperature change and corresponding hydrologic shifts in the 20th century.

Presenter : Jeremy Littell

What is really going on in Pacific Northwest forests? Learn about climate impacts on tree species and vegetation distribution, tree growth, forest carbon, fire and insect disturbances, and infrastructure.

Presenter : Nate Mantua

Climate model simulations suggest that for the Pacific Northwest, the cold years of the future will look like the warm years of the past.

Presenter : Steve Hostetler

An introduction to general climate change, global climate models, and using downscaled climate data to simulate changes over western North America.

Presenter : Ronald Neilson

Scientists forecast how ecosystems might respond to climate change on much smaller scales than the one that the climate models operate on. The models must be downscaled to look at ecosystems.

Presenter : Robin Tausch

Woodrat middens provide a great fossil record of the Holocene climate and its impact on vegetation in the Great Basin.

Presenter : Connie Millar

A discussion of the climate system  and how climate scientists look at patterns of variability. What we are seeing in current climate changes is unprecidented in recent history.

Presenter : Nate Mantua

Learn about potential changes in winds, ocean temperature and upwelling due to climate change, and the impacts on west coast marine ecosystems.

Presenter : Jeff Lukas

Climate history reveals itself in tree-rings and the latest reconstructions can inform us of past dry and wet seasons, and help us to plan for future water patterns.