Video Collections: Modeling

Forest in the fall
Presenter: William Hargrove for James Westervelt

See how military installations in the State of Illinois are being used to study potential ecosystem responses to climate change.

Mountain slope with boulders
Presenter: Dominique Bachelet

An overview of 23 climate model and their results. The use of multiple model approaches provides a range of outcomes for mangers to work from.

map of vegetation community data
Presenter: Ronald P. Neilson

A review on the complexities of managing ecosystems under uncertainty about future changes.

Stream in a valley
Presenter: Dan Isaak

Building a stream temperature database to use in aquatic climate change vulnerability assessments.

Downscaled map data
Presenter: Forrest Hoffman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Using multivariate spatio-temporal clustering (MSTC) model projections to determine shifts in climate regimes.

Map of downscaled temperature data
Presenter: Ronald Neilson

Scientists forecast how ecosystems might respond to climate change on much smaller scales than the one that the climate models operate on. The models must be downscaled to look at ecosystems.

Map output from the Forecasts model
Presenter: William Hargrove

A niche-modeling approach for prioritizing tree species at risk to climate change and for producing predicted range maps for many tree species.

trees killed by fire
Presenter: Richard Waring

Process-based models can be used to look at forest disturbance by insects, disease and fire across the Pacific Northwest.

white pine seedling
Presenter: Nicholas Crookston

Forecasting the impacts of climate change on forests using the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) model.

Snowmelt feeding a stream in spring
Presenter: Jeff McDonnell

This hydrology series addresses the basic questions of how watersheds function, where water goes when it rains, how long water resides in catchments, and the flowpaths that water takes to stream channels.

A map of tree response to climate change
Presenter: Ronald Neilson

Scale matters when looking at ecosystem vulnerability to climate change.

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