Video Collections: Vegetation

maple seedlings
Presenter: Louis Iverson

An overview of a set of tools that assess how climate change might influence tree distributions in the eastern U.S.

forested road
Presenter: Kevin Potter

Genetic risk assessments help forest managers understand where forests are at greatest risk and to decide where to invest limited resources.

Forest in the fall
Presenter: William Hargrove for James Westervelt

See how military installations in the State of Illinois are being used to study potential ecosystem responses to climate change.

Mountain slope with boulders
Presenter: Dominique Bachelet

An overview of 23 climate model and their results. The use of multiple model approaches provides a range of outcomes for mangers to work from.

Working on a demonstration project as part of the CCRF
Presenter: Chris Swanston

The Climate Change Case Study in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and the ecosystems evaluated, modeling used, and vulnerability assessments performed.

map of vegetation community data
Presenter: Ronald P. Neilson

A review on the complexities of managing ecosystems under uncertainty about future changes.

Device for collecting FIA data
Presenter: Heather Lintz

Learn about early signals of migration for tree species in the Pacific coastal U.S. and recent research findings from scientists in Oregon

Downscaled map data
Presenter: Forrest Hoffman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Using multivariate spatio-temporal clustering (MSTC) model projections to determine shifts in climate regimes.

Map output from the Forecasts model
Presenter: William Hargrove

A niche-modeling approach for prioritizing tree species at risk to climate change and for producing predicted range maps for many tree species.

larch tree changing color in the fall
Presenter: Steven Norman

See how climate change is affecting the phenology, or cyclical timing of tree leaf-out and wildfire in the southeastern United States.

Dead trees on a hillslope caused by pine beetle outbreak.
Presenter: Jeffrey Hicke

Climate drives insect outbreaks in forests; insect outbreaks can then influence climate through the carbon cycle.

Wildflowers (penstemmon)
Presenter: Linda Joyce

Observed ecological changes associated with a change in climate include the advance of spring events, species distribution changes, community shifts and asynchrony in species interactions.

trees killed by fire
Presenter: Richard Waring

Process-based models can be used to look at forest disturbance by insects, disease and fire across the Pacific Northwest.

white pine seedling
Presenter: Nicholas Crookston

Forecasting the impacts of climate change on forests using the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) model.

Mountains in the distance
Presenter: Bryan Armel

An overview of a climate change case study on the Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming, from the middle stage of the project.

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