The Colville National Forest is located in northeastern Washington state.
Where is this Forest?


Burned areas and the associated roads and trails leading into burned areas remain closed with a few exceptions. Burned areas will have new hazards including weakened burned trees, burning stump holes covered in ash, unstable soils, risk of rolling rocks, debris flows and hazardous road conditions. In some cases, rehabilitation operations have begun and closures are in place due to heavy equipment working in the area. It is likely that burned area closures may remain in place through winter. Closures are in place to keep the public from entering hazardous conditions. Please see the map below for a general overview of temporary closures on the forest. For more information, please contact your local ranger station.

 "Temporary area closures due to Wildfires Updated 10-08-15" PDF (1 MB)

Welcome to the Colville National Forest!

Salmo - Priest WildernessSouth Baldy LookoutVulcan MountainRose Ranch Snow Peak Cabin sunset in the winter  Unnamed Tributary Summit Lake Cabin


The Colville National Forest disproves the widely held notion that Washington state lies flat east of the Cascade Mountains. Today's 1.1 million acre forest was first shaped over 10,000 years ago by Ice Age glaciers that carved three major valleys of today's Columbia, San Poil-Curlew, and Pend Oreille River flowing north into Canada before entering the Columbia River. These million acres in the northeast corner roll like the high seas. Three waves of mountains run from north to south, separated by troughs of valleys. These ranges -- the Okanogan, Kettle River, and Selkirk -- are considered foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Read full article.

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Forest Plan Revision

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Recent News


A Tale of Two Scenic Byways

Title screen for video with daisies blowing in the wind.

Accessible Adventures in the Colville National Forest highlighting Selkirk International Loop and Sherman Pass Scenic Byways.

New Digital Collection: Colville National Forest

Thunder Mountain Lookout, CNF

The Washington Rural Heritage project went live with a new digital collection from the northeast corner of our state. The Colville National Forest Collection provides access to a sampling of the archival photos, maps, and documents held by the Heritage Department at Colville National Forest Headquarters in Stevens County.


Bark Beetle on the Colville National Forest

The Mountain Pine Beetle is at epidemic levels throughout the western United States and in parts of Canada.  


The Colville National Forest was awarded $968,000 in restoration funding

 The Colville National Forest was awarded $968,000 in restoration funding for the Northeast Washington Forest Vision 2020 project…

Forest Plan Monitoring and Evaluation Report 2013

The purpose of this report is to provide the results of monitoring the implementation of the Colville National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan during Fiscal Year 2013.

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