Know Before You Go: Projects on the Sulphur Ranger District

Road Repairs: Spring flooding damaged several roads across the Sulphur Ranger District. Work began in mid-July on the east end of Crooked Creek (NFSR 139) working west to include Keyser Creek (NFSR 139) and Beaver Creek (NFSR 133).  Repair work may cause temporary delays and closures. 

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Roadside Hazard Tree Reduction Projects: The Sulphur Ranger District is in the process of removing hazardous trees along more than 170 miles of national forest system roads. Work in 2014 will focus on Cabin Creek Road (FSR 112); Water Board Road (FSR 128) and Moffat Road (FSR 139).

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Tri State Power Line Hazard Tree Removal: Power companies are working to clear rights of way from hazardous trees in the aftermath of the mountain pine beetle epidemic. Tri State will be felling trees along its transmission line in the Church Park area. FSR 880.1 will be briefly closed. See a map.

Vasquez Pipe Replacement Project: Denver Water is in the process of updating its aging system of siphons and pipes. Replacement of 1,500 feet of the Vasquez pipe will cause temporary closures on small segments of Tunnel Hill road in 2014. Request email updates.

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Leland Creek Fuels Treatment Project: Roughly 130 acres of hazardous fuels will be cut in this forested area that borders the Town of Winter Park. More than 70 percent of the wood is merchantable and will be removed for use by the wood products industry. Trails reconstruction and realignment projects are planned in the area after work is complete. See a map.

Seven Sisters Timber Sale: Work on this timber sale is expected to start in July 2014. It will help to reduce hazardous fuels in an area heavily impacted by the mountain pine beetle epidemic. Cutting and hauling will be active throughout the summer. See a map.

CDOT Remote Preventative Avalanche Release System: Installation of this system will replace the use of antiquated army artillery on the Stanley Slide and is expected to improve safety and reduce the size of avalanches that impact U.S. Highway 40 over Berthoud Pass. 

Pass Creek Deck Sales: Large decks of timber were left behind by a previous timber sale have been sold to a local mill. Loading and hauling will occur in the Kauffman Creek area of Colo. Highway 125 throughout the summer and fall.