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The sun highlights fall colors in the Laramie Valley.










The Viewing of Fall Colors

Fall Colors are fading fast. Many Aspen are bare. some deciduous trees (creekside cottnwood) still have colorful leaves. Aspen colors peaked at the end of September.

Some roads and trails remain closed due to flood damage that occurred during heavy September rains in 2013. Visit the Flood Recovery Page for information. Please use caution in all affected areas. 

Fall color viewing safety tips:

  • Exercise caution while driving on mountain roads to view the colors.
  •  Watch for wildlife. Wildlife can run along and across roadways without notice.
  • Make sure you observe the rules of the roads such as posted speed limits and no passing zones.
  • Park your vehicle in designated parking/rest areas.
  • When parking along roadways, make sure you are not impeding traffic or blocking gates.

Have fun and stay safe!

Colors are between 100 % now. Many have lost there leaves

Best Places to View and Photo Galleries (Click on photos below to see galleries)

Boulder Ranger District (Accessible only through Blackhawk from I-70)

  • Boulder Canyon between Boulder and Nederland
  • State Highway 7 between Lyons and Estes Park
  • County Road 16 west from Rollinsville through Tolland

Yellow-orange aspen line the road near Gold Hill

Photo Gallery September 4-9:
Ward, Rainbow Lakes,
Brainard Lake Area, Gold Hill Area

Yellow aspen line the meadow below the hillside.

Photo Gallery September 16-22:
Como Overlook area, Rollinsville, East Portal, Ward, Caribou Road, Gold Lake, Brainard Lake, Meeker Park, Olive Ridge, Emory Road, County Road 11


Canyon Lakes Ranger District

  • East of Pingree Park Road (63E) off State Route 14
  • Chambers Lake area
  •  Red Feather Lakes Road
  • Laramie River Road (CR103) and Deadman Road

Fall adds color to the rocky hillside

Photo Gallery September 17-22:
County Road 43 and Poudre Canyon

Fall colors in snow

Photo Gallery Sept. 23 - Oct. 4

Laramie River Valley


Clear Creek Ranger District

  • Colorado State Highway 103, Old Chicago entry to Echo Lake
  • Lower Guanella Pass
  • Fall River Road

Aspen begin to turn orange near Road 116.

Photo Gallery September 15:
Colorado State  Highway 103
&  114

Shrubs turn yellow and red as fall takes hold.

Photo Gallery September 23,
Fall River Road

Fall near Guanella Pass

Photo Gallery Sept. 26

Guanella Pass



Pawnee National Grassland

Blue Grama grass depicts the color of Fall.

Photo Gallery September 17


Sulphur Ranger District

  • U.S. Highway 40: Granby to  Kremmling
  • U.S. highway 34  and the Colorado River

Orange aspen surrounded by a sea of yellow green aspen near Arapaho BayPhoto Gallery September 9:
Arapaho Bay Road

Two Osprey sit in nest above a colorful aspen tree.

Photo Gallery September 15:
Arapaho Bay Road and Lake Granby

Fall colors reflect in  Lake Granby

 Photo Gallery September 17-22
U.S Highway 34, Lake Granby, Stillwater Campground and County Road 57

Fall colors near teh Sulphur Ranger District in Granby, Colo.

 Photo Gallery  Sept. 25, Granby



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