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Winter Season Updates

The winter season is here. Some opportunities are over and some are just beginning. Keep in mind that road, trail and area closures still exist due to flood damage. Visit the Flood Recovery webpagefor the most recent closure map and information.

Campgrounds & Roads

With the exception of a few year-round campgrounds, most of our campgrounds are closed. Please check the Campground Tablefor status. Many roads are closed. Roads that remain open may not be passible due to snow and icy conditions. Check the Road Status Pagefor more information. Hunting continues into December. Check with the Colorado Parks & Wildlifefor license requirements and season dates, and remember to wear orange or brightly colored clothing if you are out during a hunting season.

Conditions can, and do, change rapidly. It can be summer in the morning and winter by afternoon. Please plan accordingly and check our past tips for information about safety.




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