Tip of the Month: How to be Safe This Summer


A broken wooden bridge sits in stream

July 2015 Tip of the Month

How to be Safe This Summer

Colorado can be unpredictable. Some trails, roads and campgrounds remain closed due to the September 2013 flood or other issues such as snow and wet conditions. Later in the summer, wildfires can become a concern. Here are steps you can take to be safe this summer.

Do Your Homework . . .

Before leaving home, call the district office that covers the area you plan to visit. Visit www.fs.usda.gov/goto/arp/offices for a list of phone numbers. Tell them what you plan on doing – be specific – and ask: “is there anything I need to know”. Be sure to ask about campfire restrictions. Check with the forest as well as the county sheriff.

Have a Map . . .

You are camping in a campground without cell phone coverage and hear that a wildfire has broken out. The road you used to enter the area is now closed. Do you know an alternative route to get back home? Be sure to have a good map of the area you are visiting.

Look up the Weather Report  . . .

Weather can move in fast up in the high country and out on the plains. Look up the weather forecast for the area you will be visiting. Pay special attention to temperatures (lows in the 30’s are not uncommon at high elevations), strong winds (which can blow over dead or weakened beetle hit trees), lightning (especially important in high elevation areas and on the grassland), and other types of severe weather such as hail.

  • Select where you are going and keep up-to-date on weather forecasts and warnings: www.weather.gov/

Check in and out with Someone . . .

Letting someone know where you are headed and when to expect you back is extremely important. Before your outing begins, tell someone where you are going, the route you are using, vehicle description, who is going with you, the color of clothes you are wearing, when you expect to return and who to call if you do not return. They will need the phone number for the Sheriff's Department of the county in which you are traveling.

Plan ahead and be safe this summer!