Target Shooting Planning Efforts & Restrictions for Clear Creek Ranger District

Current Target Shooting Planning Efforts:  none


The areas listed below are closed to shooting

on the Clear Creek Ranger District

Closure Order Name
Closure Description


Urban Front Country Occupancy and Use (pdf, 28.6KB)

Exhibit A- Arapaho and Roosevelt Vicinity Forest Map (pdf, 604 KB)

Table  H- Clear Creek Ranger District (pdf, 38KB)

Exhibit H- Clear Creek Ranger District Map (pdf, 7.36 MB)




Barbour Forks Trailhead Area:No discharging a firearm, air rifle, or gas gun except persons legally hunting turkeys, waterfowl, small game or big game animals and persons discharging paintball guns, ¼ miles in all directions from the trailhead.





Beaver Brook (pdf 13.6 KB)

Map (pdf, 594KB)

Beaver Brook Trailhead Area: Beaver Brook Watershed from the Old Squaw PassTrailhead, west one mile to the intersection of the Beaver Brook Trail and the North BeaverBrook Road. No discharging a firearm, air rifle or gas gun, including paintball guns, except for persons possessing a valid Colorado hunting license lawfully involved in hunting andharvesting game. (Order No.10-07-2012-01


Additional Information:

Remember to follow all shooting regulations and restrictions, and use only approved targets. On the ARP approved targets are: cardboard targets, paper targets, manufactured metallic targets (metal targets specifically designed for firearms), or manufactured thrown-type clay targets (clay pigeons). Please note: exploding targets are not permitted.

Tracer bullets have been identified as a cause of a fire on the Pawnee National Grassland (see news release). Tracer bullets are illegal on National Forest System lands.

Use only approved targets with a safe backstop. Remember a safe backstop is one that will stop a bullet. Make sure not to attach your targets on trees, log decks, slash piles, fences, water tanks, or other improvements. 

Be aware of:

  • Other people recreating in the area and take extra precaution to avoid recreators when shooting
  • Livestock in the area and take extra precaution to avoid cattle when shooting

***IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. – In recent weeks, Clear Creek Ranger District (CCRD) staff on the Arapaho National Forest has witnessed an increase in target shooters using illegal targets, shooting in locations that do not provide a safe backstop and leaving trash behind from shooting.

As a result, National Forest System lands (NFS) along the Colo. Highway 103 corridor is littered with pockets of shot down trees, spent shells, blown up appliances and trash. U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officers’ largest concern is...see entire release