Target Shooting Planning Efforts & Restrictions for Sulphur Ranger District




Current Target Shooting Planning Efforts: No Planning efforts at this time


Public Target Range near the Sulphur Ranger District

Colorado Division of Wildlife has a range located at U.S. Highway 40 near mile post 198 west of the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs. This range is free to the public, on a first come first served basis and open sun-up to sundown. The site is limited to paper targets only. Paper targets and brass must be removed after use.

  • There is a 100 yard handicap area.
  • Trap shooting is allowed, but there is no mechanical thrower
  • Sport rifle, pistol, shotgun and archery

For further information on this public target range, call the Colorado Division of Wildlife at 970-725-6200.

Additional Information:

Remember to follow all shooting regulations and restrictions, and use only approved targets. On the ARP approved targets are: cardboard targets, paper targets, manufactured metallic targets (metal targets specifically designed for firearms), or manufactured thrown-type clay targets (clay pigeons). Please note: exploding targets are not permitted.

Tracer bullets have been identified as a cause of a fire on the Pawnee National Grassland (see news release). Tracer bullets are illegal on National Forest System lands.

Use only approved targets with a safe backstop. Remember a safe backstop is one that will stop a bullet. Make sure not to attach your targets on trees, log decks, slash piles, fences, water tanks, or other improvements. 

Be aware of:

  • Other people recreating in the area and take extra precaution to avoid recreators when shooting
  • Livestock in the area and take extra precaution to avoid cattle when shooting