Canyon Lakes Ranger District National Public Lands Day 2011


We had fun in the forest at Red Feather Lakes in 2011!   


Large white banner hung between two trees with district name, two logos, and NPLD on it

Thanks to the more than 100 people who participated!                   


* Learned new skills while fixing trails, planting pine trees and restoring native grasses.    
* Bumped up map and compass backcountry skills.     
* Put on your sleuthing hat with “Archeology C.S.I.”   
* And, enjoyed a lovely dinner with other volunteers and U.S. Forest Service employees.

Photos from the Day

News Release: National Public Lands Day Event Near Red Feather Lakes

Key Contacts

Boulder Ranger District

Elaine Wells, Visitor Information Services

Canyon Lakes Ranger District

Kristy Wumkes, Volunteer Coordinator

Clear Creek Ranger District

Visitor Information Services

Pawnee National Grassland District

Visitor Information Services

Sulphur Ranger District

Visitor Information Services