Geological Resources

Rock formations view from Breezy PointThe Black Hills has a very interesting geological history, and scientists agree that this area likely looks just as it did 40 million years ago. Many spectacular landforms including towering granite peaks, needles, cliffs and spires dominate the skyline of the Black Hills. These massive outcroppings are geological formations caused by glacial drift dating millions of years back.  Pristine Limestone canyons also resulted from stages of uplift, and are a unique highlight seldom seen outside the Black Hills.

Mineral deposits and rock beds can also be found throughout the forest and prairie, featuring quartz, copper, silver, lead, mica, feldspar and many other naturally occurring geological finds.  People come to the Black Hills for exploration and mineral claims on gold, uranium, pegmatite minerals, and limestone.

cave formationA few of the world’s longest caves and caverns are located in the Black Hills. These intriguing underground attractions boast rare and distinct geological formations. One may encounter flowstone, boxwork, frostwork, popcorn, nailhead and spar crystals, as well as hundreds of miles of passageways below the surface.  


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