National Forest Advisory Board

Black Hills National Forest Advisory Board
National Forest Advisory Board Field Tour 2013
The purpose of the National Forest Advisory Board is to provide advice and recommendations on a broad range of forest issues such as forest health, travel management, forest monitoring and evaluation, forest plan revisions or amendments, and site-specific projects having forest-wide implications.  The Board also serves to meet the needs of the Recreation Enhancement Act of 2005 as a Recreation Resource Advisory Board (RRAC) for the Black Hills of South Dakota.  
The Board consists of 32 members (16 primary members and 16 alternates) who are representative of the following interests (this membership is similar to the membership outlined by the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act for Resource Advisory Committees (16 U.S.C. 500, et seq.)):
1.    Economic development;
2.    Developed outdoor recreation, off-highway vehicle users, or
          commercial recreation;
3.    Energy and mineral development;
4.    Commercial timber industry;
5.    Permittee (grazing or other land use within Black Hills area);
6.    Nationally recognized environmental organizations;
7.    Regionally or locally recognized environmental organizations;
8.    Dispersed recreation;
9.    Archeology, or history;
10.  Nationally or regionally recognized sportsmen's groups, such as
          anglers or hunters;
11.  South Dakota State-elected offices;
12.  Wyoming State-elected offices;
13.  South Dakota or Wyoming county-or local-elected officials;
14.  Tribal government elected or- appointed officials;
15.  State of South Dakota natural resource agency official; and
16.  State of Wyoming natural resource agency official. 
The Black Hills National Forest Advisory Board was established by the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture in 2003 to provide advice and counsel to the Black Hills National Forest, in the wake of increasingly severe and intense wild fires and mountain pine beetle epidemics.