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A Place That Grows Trees So That Your Forests Are Forever




6-26-2013 KTVB:  News Video of Lucky Peak Nursery and it's role with wildfires


  Aerial View of Lucky Peak Nursery

Trees are one of nature's most abundant and beautiful creations in the forest. But aside from their beauty, trees are important for other reasons. They protect the soil and keep the rain from washing it away. Trees provide shade, protection, and homes for wildlife. They produce the oxygen we need to breathe, and put moisture into the air. And trees provide us with lumber for our homes, and paper for us to write on.


Nursery Manager Clark Fleege inspecting seedlings

The Lucky Peak Nursery is actually a tree farm that grows trees that will be replanted in forests that need them. Established in 1959, the Lucky Peak Nursery stores seed and grows trees for all of the National Forests in Southern Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Western Wyoming, Arizona, and New Mexico.



 LPN - Forest Employees thinning the seedlings                          

Every year, the nursery grows about 2-6 million trees on 60 acres of land. The nursery grows many different kinds of trees, such as ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, Douglas-fir, Englemann spruce, and western larch.

These trees are used to replant areas that have been damaged by fire, insect attacks, high winds, and decay. They are also used to replant areas that have been harvested to make wood products.


Lucky Peak Nursery
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Our tour season is April through June!   Contact us for more information and reservations. 


Nursery Increased Stock and Seed Production in 2011

The Nursery has increased their 2011 operations due to a diversity of products and customers.  Containerized stock and native seed production led the successful operations.  Some specific products included sage, bitterbrush, grass seed and conifers. Products have been provided to a range of federal and state agencies including the recent 500,000 acre Wallow Fire in the Southwest Region, the 2007 Cascade Complex and many other recently burned areas in the west.

 Forest employee giving a tour of the Nursery

School Tours

School tours are available April through June, Monday-Friday, 10:00-12:00 noon. There is no cost for these tours. This meets first grade and fourth grade science core curriculum.

Reservations are required.

For more information on the tour or to make a reservation contact Kelly DeMasters at:   208-343-1977



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