Idaho City Ranger District Seeks Two Grants for

Release Date: Jan 20, 2012  

Contact(s): Everardo Santillan 208-392-6681


Idaho City, ID - The Idaho City Ranger District Recreation Staff is applying for two separate grants from the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation to help improve trail maintenance and signing within the ranger district, and improve dispersed camp sites along the North Fork Boise River.


The first application requests $56,000 in funding from the Off-Road Motor Vehicle Fund to improve signing and brushing on approximately 19 miles of trail around the Idaho City Basin.  Brushing would occur on new designated trails, which are connected to the Idaho City Enduro Motorcycle event.  The brushing and signing will help users identify designated trails, and upgrade the trails to Forest Service standards. The Boise Ridge Riders and Idaho State Youth Conservation Corps are partners with this effort.


The second application requests $21,000 in funding from the Recreational Vehicle Account to increase public contacts, add signage along the North Fork Boise River, and install rock barriers.  Currently, campers are creating soil erosion and increased river sedimentation due to camping to close to the river and/or crossing it with motorized vehicles.  At least 20 dispersed campsites are identified and the goal is to maintain that number through this work. Work and public contacts would be conducted in 2012. 


Comments or requests for more information should be submitted to Everardo Santillan, Idaho City Ranger District, P.O. Box 129, Idaho City, ID 83631 or calling 208-392-6681.