Carson National Forest Plan Revision

Plan Revision Process

Welcome to the Carson’s Forest Plan revision page. The Carson is currently in the process of revising its existing forest plan under the 2012 planning rule. Under the 2012 rule, plan revision takes approximately 4 years and involves three distinct phases: 1) assessment of the current conditions and trends of forest resources and multiple uses, 2) development of a revised plan, and 3) monitoring and implementation of the final approved plan.

The Draft Assessment is now complete

Draft Assessment Documents


Draft Assessment Report of Ecological/Social/Economic Sustainability Condions
         Summary of Key Risk Findings from Draft Assessment of Ecologica/Social/Economic Sustainability  
Draft Assessment Report
of Ecological/Social
/Economic Sustainability Conditions and Trends

  Summary of Key Risk Findings from the Draft Assessment of Ecological/Social/Economic Sustainability Conditions and Trends


The Carson has completed its Draft Assessment Report.  The assessment describes the current ecological, social, and economic conditions and trends of forest resources per the USDA Forest Service 2012 Planning Rule. Since it has yet to be incorporated into the Draft Assessment Report, the Baseline Carbon Stock Assessment -- Carson National Forest is on-line for your review.

With the Draft Assessment, the Carson has also completed two additional documents. A Draft Summary of Key Risk Findings, which identifies the resource areas having the greatest risk of not being sustainable under current management direction. The second document is the Preliminary Plan Need for Change. This document outlines the potential solutions to decrease or remove the risks identified in the Draft Summary of Key Risk Findings.  These solutions will then be used to identify what needs to change in current management direction.

Request for Public Comment on the Key Findings from the Draft Assessment

The completed draft assessment for the Forest Plan revision has identified key risk findings which highlight resource areas at risk of not being sustainable under current plan management direction. The risks identified have an impact on the long term health of forest ecosystems and the forests ability to contribute to the many uses and needs the public enjoy from and on the forest.

The forest is seeking public input on the best way to address the risks to sustainability. We are asking the public to offer solutions to the risks, or provide solutions to risks they felt were not addressed.  Your input will help the Carson NF to develop forest plan direction which will provide for a healthy forest in addition to the many benefits and uses desired by local communities and visitors for today and the children of tomorrow.

There are several ways to provide comment for your convenience.  Please attend a public meeting or submit your comments using mail or email.  The attached flyer announces meeting dates and locations and comments may be submitted to carsonplan@fs.fed.usor by mail to: Carson National Forest, Forest Plan Revision, 208 Cruz Alta, Taos, NM 87571.

Your comments and feedback will be the most useful if submitted by July 09, 2015.

Next Steps in the Planning Process

The Plan Need for Change or management solutions to address risks to sustainability identified from the assessment analysis will be the foundation for developing new forest plan direction in the next phase of plan development. 

Development of a revised forest plan should begin in late summer/early fall of 2015. This phase will take 2 1/2 to 3 years and will include a collaborative process with the public to develop a draft proposed plan, followed by the beginning of the NEPA process. During the NEPA process we will ask for public input on the draft proposed plan, develop draft alternatives to the draft proposed plan, and develop a draft environmental impact statement (EIS). This is followed by another opportunity for public input and an objection period. The last step is approval of the final forest plan and EIS.

Monitoring and implementation occur after the final plan is approved. Monitoring is designed to provide feedback on whether the forest plan is meeting its objectives. Using this adaptive management approach we will continually improve the forest plan.

Tentative Plan Revision Schedule

  • Feb 27, 2014 – Notice of initiating the assessment phase of the forest plan revision published in Federal Register
  • Fall 2015 – Notice of intent to begin plan revision and to prepare environmental impact statement (EIS)
  • Late Spring/Early Summer 2017 – Notice of Availability of draft proposed plan and draft EIS for comment
  • Summer/Fall 2017 – Notice of objection period prior to approval of the preferred alternative and final EIS
  • Winter/Spring 2018 – Notice of plan approval and final EIS

If you have specific questions regarding our forest plan revision process please email us at or contact the Forest Planner 575-758-6221.

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