Carson National Forest Plan Revision

Plan Revision Process

Welcome to the Carson’s Forest Plan revision page. The Carson is currently in the process of revising its existing forest plan under the 2012 planning rule. Under the 2012 rule, plan revision takes approximately 4 years and involves three distinct phases: 1) assessment of the current conditions and trends of forest resources and multiple uses, 2) development of a revised plan, and 3) monitoring and implementation of the final approved plan.

The Assessment is now complete

Assessment Documents


Final Assessment Report
  Photo of the forest        Photo of the forest
Assessment Report
of Ecological, Social, Economic Conditions, Trends, and  Sustainability

Carson National Forest's Needs to Change Management Direction of it's Existing 1986 Forest Plan
Supporting Documents



The Carson NF has completed its  Assessment Report. The assessment describes the current ecological, social, and economic conditions and trends of forest resources per the USDA Forest Service 2012 Planning Rule. These are the resource areas (vegetation, water, soil, air, riparian areas, etc.) and benefits we provide which are at risk of not being sustainable now and into the future. With the Assessment, the Carson NF has also completed the Needs to Change Management Direction of its Existing 1986 Forest Plan. This document identifies current plan management direction which needs to change in order to address the risks as identified through public involvement and the assessment process.

Request for Public Comment on the Needs to Change Management Direction of its Existing 1986 Forest Plan

The Carson NF is entering phase 2 of the plan revision process, development of a revised plan. The Carson NF has published a Notice of Intent (NOI) to revise the Carson National Forest Land Management Plan and prepare an associated Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The NOI describes the Proposed Action to revise the forest plan in order to address the Needs to Change. The full text of the NOI is available on the Federal Register. The forest is accepting comments on the Proposed Action and Needs to Change. Alternatives to the Proposed Action will be developed to address significant issues identified through public comment. Comments will be most useful if received by November 20, 2015

To submit a comment on the proposed action and need to change click the CommentForm and submit comments electronically.

To read previously submitted comments click on the PublicReadingRoom.

Anticipated Plan Development Schedule

Through a collaborative public engagement process, the Carson NF expects to develop a draft revised plan and draft EIS by late Fall/Winter 2016 and expects to release a final approved plan and final EIS by Spring 2018. The Anticipated Timeline for Plan Development identifies some anticipated milestones and key public engagement opportunities during the process:

  • Feb 27, 2014 – Notice of initiating the assessment phase of the forest plan revision published in Federal Register
  • October 07. 2015 – Notice of intent to revise the Carson National Forest Land Management Plan and to prepare Environmental Impact Statement published in Federal Register
  • Late Fall/Early Winter 2016 – Notice of Availability of draft proposed plan and draft EIS for public comment
  • Summer/Fall 2017 – Notice of objection period upon release of the preferred alternative, final EIS, and draft Record of Decision
  • Winter/Spring 2018 – Notice of plan approval and final EIS

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