Chugach National Forest Media

Alicia F. King
Public Affairs/Partnership Staff Officer

Chugach National Forest
161 East 1st Ave. Door 8
Anchorage, AK. 99501
Office: 907-743-9444 :: f: 907-743-9476

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Glacier District Audio Files


Fungus Festival audio podcast

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Cordova Audio Files


Cordova Shorebird Festival audio podcast

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Classrooms for Climate audio

Majora Carter: Keynote Speaker

Be impatient for the change you wish to see and make.


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Jeff Welker, Director of ENRI

New NASA-funded project in the Copper River watershed

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Peter Olsson, Alaska State Climatologist

The challenge of measuring precipitation in Southcentral Alaska


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Dave Cleaves, USFS

Longer and more intense fire seasons in Alaska

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Julie Decker, Anchorage Museum

Artists and the cultural response to climate change

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Charles Wohlforth, Author

Are we humans destined to behave like the selfish hermit crab?

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Shad O'Neel, USGS geophysicist

Alaska's volatile, calving glaciers

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JP Leous, The Wilderness Society 

Climate change means green jobs - just not the ones you imagined

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