Cleveland National Forest - Welcome!


Big Laguna Trail Photo by Alexander S. KunzGazing at Cuyapaipe Peak from Stevenson Peak By Alexander S. KunzPacific Crest Trail at Fosters Point Photo By Alexander S. KunzGarnet Peak at the Transition Zone Photo By Alexander S. KunzLaguna Mountains at Monument Peak Photo By Alexander S. KunzTrabuco Winter LandscapeFall SunriseSantiago's Peak and Hiker


On July 1st, 1908 President Theodore Roosevelt signed a declaration that created the Cleveland National Forest. Now, more than 100 years later, the Cleveland National Forest provides habitat for native wildlife, as well as a natural refuge and playground for many of the 3 million plus residents in the greater San Diego area. Read more about the history of the Cleveland National Forest how it was founded and evolved into the forest it is today! 


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