Advisory Committees

Coconino Resource Advisory Committee (RAC)


Download Membership ApplicationThe Secure Rural Schools (SRS) Act authorizes the use of Resource Advisory Committee (RACs) as a mechanism for local community collaboration with federal land managers in recommending Title II projects on federal lands or that will benefit resources on federal lands. The Coconino RAC was established in 2010 and has approximately 15 members who serve four-year terms and are appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture.


Title II projects are recommended by resource advisory committees and approved by the Secretary or designee such as Forest Supervisor or District Ranger. Title II funds may be used for making additional investments in, and creating additional employment opportunities through, projects that improve the maintenance of existing infrastructure, implementing stewardship objectives that enhance forest ecosystems, and restoring and improving land health and water quality.


Applications for becoming a RAC member can be downloaded here in PDF format or WORD format.  For more information about the Coconino RAC, please visit the Coconino RAC web page, which includes meetings, how to propose projects, and contact information. For more information about SRS and RACs in general, visit the National SRS Resource Advisory Committees page or the Forest Service SRS Act page.