Current Forest Plan

The document below is a complete electronic version of the Coconino National Forest Plan (dated 1987), including all amendments and other updates through April 2012. This is the current Forest Plan.

This version was recreated from a paper copy; however, every effort was made to exactly reproduce the original Plan, including graphics, pagination, page formatting, and maps.

If your internet service is running at 28.8 (dial-up speed), it is advisable to download the Forest Plan in smaller sections versus the entire plan in the single large file (13.3MB). If you are opening the version of the Forest Plan in sections while on line, the smallest ones take around a minute and the largest ones around 3 to 4 minutes.

Current Forest Plan with amendments (PDF, 6.76MB) (Entire document in one file - to download, right-click and "save as")

Note: This page is currently being restructured. Links to most documents have been disabled. Please contact the Coconino National Forest Supervisor's Office with questions and comments.

Forest Plan in smaller pieces interlinked:

Current Amended Forest Plan Management Areas (2006)

Management Area Map 2006



Plan Monitoring Report for the Coconino National Forest


These monitoring reports are structured following the format of the Monitoring Plan located in Table 14, Chapter 5, of the Coconino National Forest Plan.