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Forest Service Climate Change Home Page
This is the main Forest Service Web site for climate change. It provides excellent links to other Forest Service programs and Web sites that offer additional information and materials.

Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center
Developed by the Pacific Southwest and Pacific Northwest Research Stations, the Climate Change Resource Center is an excellent source of research and information for land managers on climate change.

Forest Service Natural Inquirer Science Education Journal
The Natural Inquirer is a middle-school science education journal that brings Forest Service research to life. There are numerous editions of Natural Inquirer, with many articles related to climate change research. The newest edition, “The World’s Forests,” is an excellent resource to help understand global forestry issues. Natural Inquirers can be downloaded from the Web site, or limited copies of printed journals can be ordered from the program. On the Web site, search for climate change articles.

Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station
Watch videos of Forest Service research scientist’s presentations on climate change.

Forest Service Northern Research Station -- Interactive Atlas of Climate Change: Bird & Tree Species
This NRS Web site allows you to examine current distributions and modeled future-climate habitats for 134 individual tree species or combined species by geographic areas. Changing forests mean changing habitat for the wildlife species that depend on them. The current and modeled distribution of 150 bird species is presented in the Climate Change Bird Atlas.

Forest Service Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center
The mission of the Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center is to generate and integrate knowledge and information to provide credible prediction, early detection, and quantitative assessment of environmental threats in the Western United States.

Forest Service Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center
The Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center (EFETAC) is an interdisciplinary resource that is actively developing new technology and tools to anticipate and respond to emerging eastern forest threats. The site features excellent resources about climate change, and other significant threats.