Adopting NAAEE Guidelines for Excellence

Adopt the Guidelines With the Forest Service!

How can you promote quality environmental education? The answer is, Adopt the Guidelines! NAAEE and the National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education has been working closely with the Forest Service to encourage FS employees to adopt the Guidelines and apply them to their work. By adopting the Guidelines, you will help to develop awareness of the National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education, improve the quality of environmental education practice, and build credibility for the field.

What is the National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education?

The National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education was initiated by the NAAEE board of directors in 1993. Since its inception, the project has produced a series of documents, published by NAAEE, that provide systematic guidance for the development of quality environmental education curricula and programs. In addition, the Guidelines have helped the field of environmental education develop credibility within Congress, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations across the country.

If our organization/agency adopted the Guidelines, what type of commitment are we making?

By adopting the Guidelines, the Forest Service has committed to:

  • Promote the Guidelines around your conference or other events you sponsor
  • Promote the Guidelines in your publications
  • Actively reach out to other environmental education leaders and demonstrate how the Guidelines can help increase the quality of environmental education programs
  • Use the Guidelines when developing programs, funding proposals, requests for proposals, & materials

Are resources available to help us promote use of the Guidelines?

Environmental Education website you can access and download all of the Guidelines publications for free. In addition, the project has developed a set of promotional materials (e.g., bookmarks, exhibit, newsletter items) to help you spread the word and instituted a Guidelines Trainer's Bureau. Guidelines Trainer's Bureau members are available to give presentations to a variety of audiences on how the Guidelines can be used.

The Forest Service, in partnership with the NPEEE, has sponsored a number of training courses in the last few years. Through an intensive, interactive workshop participants learn the ins and outs of using the guidelines in their work -- and training others in their use. The NPEEE/Forest Service website provides all the materials that you would access during a Guidelines workshop. Please contact the WO-Conservation Education office (202-205-3561 ) if you are interested in participating in an upcoming workshop.

What other organizations or agencies have adopted the Guidelines?

The following is a partial list of national and state groups:

  • North American Association for Environmental Education
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Project Learning Tree
  • Project WET
  • Project WILD
  • Environmental Education Association of Washington
  • Environmental Educators of North Carolina
  • North Carolina Office of Environmental Education (NCDENR)
  • Texas Environmental Education Partnership
  • Texas Association for Environmental Education
  • Utah Society for Environmental Education
  • Idaho Environmental Education Association
  • Kentucky Division of Water, Nonpoint Source Section
  • Environmental Education Exchangep
  • New England Environmental Education Alliance
  • Nevada Natural Resource Education Council (NNREC
  • New Hampshire Environmental Educators
  • National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF)
  • Environmental Education Association of Oregon
  • Mid-Atlantic Conservation Education Cooperative (MACE)
  • Environmental Institute of Houston
  • Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education (ANJEE)