Current Wildfires

Current Wildfire InformationCoronado National Forest firefighters put out most of the fires on the forest. However, during an active fire season fires may become more frequent, larger in size, involve multiple land management agencie lands, or threaten homes adjacent to the forest. When this happens the links below will provide information on current wildfires.

Information on Current Wildfires

  • Current Wildfires on the Coronado National Forest. This link takes you to Inciweb, an interagency all-risk incident information management system.
  • Southwest Coordination Center (Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas, Oklahoma panhandle). SWCC provides general fire information for the public and to server as a source of fire intelligence for the wildland fire. 
  • Fire restrictions within the Southwest Area (Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas, Oklahoma panhandle) can be found on the Public Lands Information Center.

Restrictions and Closures

Details about forest restrictions and closures are found in the Alerts and Notices portion of the Coronado National Forest website. They will also appear in the side bar on the right.

Note: Under the old website, restrictions, fires, closures and news releases about fires etc. might have appeared on a page like this one, or on the main page, or on an affected recreation or district page. Under the new web system, they are entered in the Alerts and Notices section. This new system has several advantages: the Alerts will appear in the right sidebar of all pages, it will appear on affected recreation sites, and they will be removed by a specified ending date, so you do not have to remember to remove them later.

Douglas, Nogales, Sierra Vista and Safford ranger districts remain closed. The News section of this website has news releases with information about these closures..

News Releases

Visit the News and Events portion of the website for all news releases, including those related to the current wildfire situation.