Stewardship and Timber Contracting


Slash pile of small diameter fuels


Stewardship End Result Contracting includes natural resource management practices seeking to promote a closer working relationship with local communities in a broad range of activities that improve land conditions. Stewardship contracting is a means for federal agencies to contribute to the development of sustainable rural communities, restore and maintain healthy forest ecosystems, and provide a continuing source of local income and employment.

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Projects On The Eldorado

The Eldorado National Forest has taken advantage of stewardship contracting authorities since 2004 to treat fuels, protect communities, and improve forest health and resiliency to wildfire.


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How To Do Business With The Forest Service

Doing business with the Federal government, including the Forest Service, can be complicated. The following information is intended to provide a brief overview of the steps necessary to position a business concern to do business with the Forest Service and the Federal government. Also contacts are provided regarding additional resources that will assist a business concern in understanding the processes of doing business with the Forest Service and other Federal government agencies.

If you have questions regarding Stewardship Contracting on the Eldorado National Forest contact:

Pat Ferrell, Stewardship Contracting
100 Forni Road
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