Wrights Lake Campground Will Not Be On Reservation for Summer 2014

Wrights Lake experienced a severe wind event in late November of 2013 resulting in extensive tree fall and facility damage. As downed trees are cleared in the spring/summer, the full extent of damage to the facilities and water system will be assessed.  The campground and day use areas will remain closed for public safety until the clean-up and facility repair is completed. The Wrights Lake Campground has been taken off reservations for the 2014 season however, many other campgrounds in the National Forest System are available for reservation on the Eldorado National Forest and in surrounding areas.  Visit Recreation.gov to discover and explore new places. 
When the cleanup and repairs have been completed, the Wrights Lake Recreation Area will be opened for day use and camping.  
Note: Damage also occurred in other Eldorado National Forest campgrounds. The extent will not be fully known until spring/summer.