Fish of the Fishlake National Forest

Twin Creek is a natural spawning habitat and is closed to fishing at any time. Please help protect this important fishery!

Key to species occurrence

Po = Possibly occurs on the Forest. This category includes species which are known to exist in close proximity to the Forest boundary, or which may accidentally migrate off a normal route onto the Forest.

Pr = Probably occurs on the Forest This category includes species which should occur on the Forest as indicated by species distribution date, but which have not been verified by actual sightings or other evidence.

K = Known to exist on the Forest This category includes all species which have actually been verified as existing on the Forest.

An easily printable PDF version of this information may be found here.

Trout and Salmon

  • Cutthroat Trout (K)
  • Bonneville Cutthroat Trout (K)
  • Rainbow Trout (K)
  • Brown Trout (K)
  • Brook Trout (K)
  • Lake Trout (K)
  • Lake Trout (K)
  • Arctic Grayling (K)
  • Splake (K)

Minnow and Carp

  • Carp (K)
  • Utah Chub (K)
  • Speckled Dace (K)
  • Redside Shiner (K)
  • Leatherside Chub (Po)


  • Utah Sucker (K)
  • Mountain Sucker (K)
  • Flannelmouth Sucker (Unknown)


  • Mottled Sculpin (K)


  • Yellow Perch (K)