White Pine Ridge Timber Piles Prescribed Burn

Release Date: Nov 17, 2011   RICHFIELD, UT

Contact(s): Ryan McCollin, 435.896.1661, Jill Ivie, 435.896.1573

Beginning November 17 through November 23, fire officials on the Richfield Ranger District plan to burn 45 acres of timber slash piles, when conditions permit.  The project is located on Monroe Mountain; approximately 9 miles east of the community of Monroe, Utah

The White Pine Ridge Timber Piles Burn Plan covers the piles of machine and hand piled slash that has resulted from the Annabella, Clover, White Pine, Mill Creek and other small timber sales.  This project is located in Sevier County. 

The project consists of the burning of scattered machine and hand piles throughout approximately 45 acres of timber harvest areas located entirely on National Forest System lands.  The primary fuels treatment objective of this pile burn is to reduce the existing wildland fire hazard resulting from activity fuels, thus reducing potential negative effects from future wildland fire to both Forest Service and nearby private lands.