Fremont Land and Resources Management Plan Amendment 19


Fremont - Amendment 19

The LRMP designated an MA14 area of 82 acres that is only partially functioning as old growth. Most of the old growth component (overstory) had been removed prior to this designation in 1989, and excessive mortality is now occurring in the remaining stand. This 82 acre MA14 area in exchanged with two existing MA5 stands totaling 167 acres that would provide better immediate and future old growth habitat conditions. Refer to Figure 2-2 in Chapter Two and 'Old Growth/Late and Old Seral Structure' in Chapter 3 of the Mortor/Coyote EA.

This would result in a minor change of the acres allocated to timber and range production in the LRMP and would not significantly effect the output of goods and services to be produced. The LRMP directs that when an Old Growth MA14 stand is no longer considered suitable old growth habitat, a new old growth stand should be delineated to replace the original designated habitat, making this action consistent with the LRMP management requirements. This change would not alter the desired future condition of the land and resources as described in the LRMP.

The decision is documented in the Decision Notice and FONSI for the Mortor/Coyote Project.