Timber Management

Timber and Stewardship Contracts

Log Truck 180

Six Timber Sale - Reserve RD - 694 Acres

Shooter Timber Sale - Reserve RD - Coming Fall/Winter 2014 - 733 Acres

  • Sale Area Map
  • Transportation Map
  • Google Earth File (Must have Google Earth Installed)
  • Prospective Bidder Letter
  • Prospectus
  • Bid Form
  • Sample Contract
    • AT Section
    • BT Section
    • KT Section


Commercial Fuelwood

If you are interested in Commercial fuelwood sales please contact James Johnson North Zone Timber Staff  at 575-533-6231 or by e-mail.  jjohnson@fs.fed.us. Please mention the type and amount of fuelwood you are interested in purchasing.

Why Measurements are in Hundered Cubic Feet (CCF) instead of Board Feet (MBF)?  Click Here (External Link)


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Questions or Comments on any of the above Timber Sales can be directed to jjohnson@fs.fed.us

Key Contacts

  • Timber Management
    James Johnson
    (575) 533-6231
  • Fire Management
    Gabriel Holguin
    (575) 388-8233
  • Grazing Management
    Teresa Smergut
    (575) 388-8420
  • Recreation Management
    (575) 388-8201